Friday, January 15, 2010

Earthquake-struck Haiti is Recipient of Massive Giving

Today the following was reported on NPR (National Public Radio):

John Dallas, a San Francisco realtor, was watching the news about the earthquake in Haiti last night with his wife when his cell phone had a text message that said ... give $10 to Haiti relief, text this number. He thought, that's awfully convenient.

So convenient that he did it right away.

This is the first time that there has been massive giving via text message in the United States. mGive is the company that's been working with charitable organizations to set up this kind of giving.

And it's been very successful. Over $7 million has already been donated.

But there is a delay in getting the money this way. Consumer/Giver ease = delay as them money has to be collected at the next billing cycle and then forwarded on to mGive who then forwards it on to the charitable organization.

How to get the money to the charity faster: The Better Business Bureau recommends that consumers give to charity online, by phone or mail if they want the funds deposited immediately.

However you give, it'll take some Massive Giving to take care of the needs in Haiti.

Give 'til YOU Smile!

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