Saturday, September 27, 2008

No Goal = Little Success

Since you want to be successful, let’s start at the very beginning.

If you wanted to take a trip to some exotic place, what would you do first? You would set a goal.

Why? Think about a load of cargo that needs to be flown from San Francisco to New York and needs to be there in 8 hours. What would happen if the shipping manager got it loaded on the plane, but he didn’t tell the pilot when to deliver it. What if he just told the pilot to fly that load to New York? The pilot happens to be from Australia and has no idea where New York is. He asks for a tip as to how to find it, but all he is told is that New York is a huge city on the east coast. He climbs into his airplane in San Francisco and makes a quick start by flying east with no flight plan in mind. He knows he needs to deliver the load to New York, but has no particular route or timetable in mind. He just knows that he needs to fly East. As he flies, he suddenly sees a mountain peak that interests him so he alters direction and is off to see it. Then he sees a lazy river and decides to follow it for a while. To top it all off, his compass isn’t working. Where is he likely to end up? Who knows, but the chances he will get to New York are slim.

Success Quick Start Tip:
Don’t start until you have a goal.
Please share some of your thoughts and tips about how to set goals.

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