Friday, October 3, 2008

Your Destination

Also, before you start (or more likely, before you continue) investigating how to be successful...  STOP.

Take some time to think about what you want and when you want it. Consider alternatives. That’s what you should do no matter what you are engaged in.

Say, for instance, that you think you want to take a trip to Europe.

You start by researching travel destinations until you identify the ones that really excite you. (Perhaps you already have them in mind.)
Then you should figure out how much money you will need to take the trip. (Some people leave this step out and just charge it, but we won’t go down that path.)
Then you determine when you can have that much money available. That gives you the earliest date you could start your trip.
Then you consider the time of year that you can go and that you want to go. If you enjoy beautiful flowers and warm sunny days, you might have to delay that trip a few months.

Success Quick Start Tip:Figure out where you want to end up before you start looking for techniques. Once you know your destination, figuring out how to get there will be much easier.

Please add a comment: What do you want and when do you want it?

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