Monday, October 6, 2008

Building Castles

In getting any endeavor off the ground, take it slow –

With people, fast is slow and slow is fast...Stephen Covey

Life is all about people and relationships and trust. It takes time to build trusting relationships.

Success is also about systems, methods, tools, and techniques.

To build a castle, you have to start with the foundation. And you have to learn castle building skills. To learn to play the piano, you start with the basics and build up, you don't pick up a Chopin, or Mozart or Rachmaninoff piece and sit down and play it - if you try to, your chances for success are slim.

Just like building a castle or learning to play the piano takes learning the basics and practicing them, any worthwhile endeavor requires learning and practicing the basics.

Get the basics down and go from there. Then soon enough you will be able to build that castle that you really want to build. And you will know how to build it with the right materials that will make it strong and beautiful and all you dream it to be.

Success Quick Start Tip:
Become familiar with the jargon, tools, and techniques.

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