Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Be a Part of Something Good

Massive Giving is taking off. I think we will hit 1000 smiles sent to our troops today.

The other day, someone sent me an article written by Baxter Black. He talks about the economic mess we are in and gives us his 3 simple things that we ought to be doing.

1. Stop trying to figure out who to blame.
2. Turn off the news.
3. Reach out.

Let me quote from him on Reaching Out:

Together we need to find a new level of economic stability. At a personal level, as a family, as a business, as a community, as a country. Some will be starting at the bottom, others, further up the line. Reach out as an individual, as a family member, a neighbor, an employee, an employer, or as a friend. Start each conversation with, "How's it going? How can I help?"

For your own sanity, if you're in the limbo of loss —home, money, job — go mow a neighbor's lawn. Wash his car, fix her screen door. Keep your hands and heart and mind busy. Make your time beneficial to others. You won’t be surprised to find how healing it is to brighten someone's day.

Be part of something good. Start going to church again, help coach kids' sports, join the Lion's Club or Rotarians. Baby-sit for someone, tutor a hard luck child.Be thrifty but invest in your local economy as you are able.

So there you have it. I say it this way, "Do some Massive Giving".

Help a soldier, help yourself, help the world. If you can't give anything else, give a smile.


K said...

Giving phone cards to our troops is a great way to show our appreciation.

Anonymous said...

I sent 6 today. Anne from Florida