Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Breaking News. Massive Giving hits 1000!

I'm excited. This morning I was a bit disappointed that we didn't hit 1,000 cards sent to the troops yesterday. We were so close, at 974.

I could have put us over myself, but that's not what I'm promoting. The Massive Giving Group is about having a large group of people giving small amounts regularly. Each giver decides what is a small amount and what regularly is. For me it's 5-10 post cards sent daily. So sending 26 isn't what I'm dedicated to doing.

If your "regular" is weekly, that's great. If your "small amount" is 500, that's great. Do what you can when you can. Just get in the habit of doing it.

But now I'm elated. I was just notified that one of our Massive Givers sent 202 post cards this morning and that pushed us well over 1,000 cards sent.

Thank you, Givers!

- Ralph Lyon
Founder: The Massive Giving Group

P.S. Normally, this isn't what Massive Giving is all about - but for the few of you Massive Givers who are interested in learning how to do online marketing via teleseminars - this is not to be missed.

While supplies last, Tellman Knutson is giving away as free Christmas gift (and as a promotion for his latest program) one of his most expensive and well known products, The Perpetual Marketing Machine. He claims that it's a $4,000 value and he's giving it away free (well, he does require you to give him an email address and you do have to view two one time offers). I've followed Tellman for a couple of years. I grabbed myself a copy of the course.

Although it isn't "regular" or "small" - it is a one time Massive Giving.

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