Sunday, January 25, 2009

Give Said the Little Stream

Join the Massive Giving Group and help GIVE and share Giving opportunities.
Also, add the opportunities you know about by posting them on the Wall:

Did you know that you can improve every part of your own life by giving.

Does this sound strange to you? It may, but research shows that giving is one of the best things we can do for ourselves, as well as others.

Giving makes the world a better place. We’ve all felt the personal benefits of giving. You already know in your heart - that giving is a key part of every person's life. Virtually all successful - and certainly all happy people - have discovered the benefits of giving.

Giving enriches us all, the givers as well as the recipients.

There are dramatic benefits to you when you become a better giver. Acts of giving can improve your health. Giving will improve your relationships, your happiness and more.... It helps you live to your potential. It brings more meaning to your life. Giving improves your life.

We each identify and cultivate our own personal giving style. We each have to decide what we can give, when to give, when not to give. We can give tangible items or money. But don’t forget equally important gifts of time, smiles, hope, and friendship.

The purpose of Massive Giving is to provide opportunities to give. Please add comments sharing specific opportunities that you are aware of.

Here are a couple of service opportunities that recently came to my attention.

So, come along with us at the Massive Giving Group and help GIVE.

Ralph Lyon
Founder, The Massive Giving Group

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