Sunday, February 15, 2009

MASSIVE Giver Feedback

Here are a few comments made by Massive Givers.

"Yesterday on NPR, I heard a report that said 24 members of our armed forces committed suicide in January alone (I think it said that number is about 3 times higher than it was last January). It made me grateful for this small way to let our troops know we care about them. Today I sent 10."

"I have sent about 400 of them.... i do it when I am on conference calls" Editor: Now that's multitasking for good!

"I sent 5 today - will send more tomorrow - and the next day - and the next..."

"I sent 5 today. I found it fun to choose from the postcards. The artwork and thank you message from a child's hand is a wonderful touch. It is really easy to choose a message to include or add your own. Thanks for setting this up."

"I sent one of each on the page. I think there were 72. We have moved to the stage in life where we really don't have needs, other than the need to serve. There will never be "enough" to our service."

"Great I idea doing this. I sent 2 today and plan on sending many more everyday. A small task in comparison to what every solider does for us and the future citizens of our country each day."

"I did 50 while my husband was reading aloud a novel."

"What a great project! You know I'm a softie when it comes to thanking our military heroes (they all are heroes because they serve!) And I'm so-o-o happy to send these cards. I hope we not only make each soldier/sailor/etc smile, but make them feel warm, wonderful, powerfully deep, inspiring emotions of gratitude and Christian love from American citizens. I think I sent 8 on my first click into the project. I'll try to come back often. When I think of Dad... and his 30 years in the U.S. Army, I am all awash in tears of gratitude. The military world was such a part of my life growing up. And living 10 years of my life OUTSIDE of the U.S. absolutely assured that I will always love and appreciate America. Even in the rain today, all my red/white/blue patriotic flags in the yard stand out. They are amidst the red/white/green of Christmas. I never take the red/white/blue down. And in my mind and heart: freedom, democracy, sacrifice are part of Christianity."

"I found your site ..... I went ahead and sent one today but I will continue this and send more. Thanks so very much for doing this!"

Thanks to all of you!

Founder, The MASSIVE Giving Group
Give 'til YOU Smile!

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